Gelatin Printing

Our guild has invited our friend Eileen Neill to be our guest teacher once again. Eileen is an excellent teacher and she has been experimenting with gelatin plates for monoprinting ( or is that Monotyping?)

Monotyping is the printing of the fabric or paper with a plate that has no permanent lines or marks gouged or etched into the plate. This would be like when you finger paint and transfer the image to your fabric.

Monoprinting is when you have made a design in the surface of the plate and you can do multiple prints from the same design. You can cut , gouge, or make a stencil resist for your design.

Anyway, Eileen will be guiding us through some experiments and helping us actually compose a small quilt.

Better get down to the studio and find all those paints and textile mediums.

If you aren’t sure about what we will be doing, just go to youtube and do a search. There are quite a number of good tutorials that give you a overview.


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