Good bedtime reading…….

I popped into Saveon foods for a few items after work and walked down the magazine aisle, where Suzanne was just setting out the newest shipment. She stopped me and dug all the way to the bottom of the box just so I could have the first copy of Quilting Arts mag. She’s a sweety.

As usual there’s too many different techniques and you’ll want to do them all, but I have admired Ann Lullie’s mosaics for many years and might try that technique now that I read the article.

A quick flip through shows me that there are at least 8 ideas that I would like to explore. This is certainly refreshing after I was so very disappointed in the latest issue of QNM this month.

There is a excerpt from Lyric Kinkaid’s new book. “Art+Quilt:Design Principles and Creativity Exercises ” that has just been published. Now there have been a number of books published in the last few years that have all claimed to be design books for quilters. I have been truly disappointed by all of them , as they might only cover 2-3 principles when I want the whole dozen covered with explaination and good as well as poor examples.  I am happy to say that Lyric has possibly finally published the guide book that I have been looking for, as the reviews are favorable. I am going to order it and will report .


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