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2010 Goals

January 28, 2010

So now that the String Quilts workshop is  behind me, I am starting on my plans for 2010.

I want to do another  series with a couple of challenges for myself. When I challenged myself with the alphabet series a few years ago, I had deviated from making them all the same size – so………

I am going to keep to a size perimeter. They all will be no wider than 18-20 inches and no longer that 48-54 inches. I’m referring to them as my “skinnies” and hope to find many designs that work well in that long and narrow  format. The online group called Quiltart did a challenge several years ago called the “straight and narrow” but they could vary from horizontal to vertical. I’m sticking to vertical for now so that I have ease of display at a couple of summer exhibit  opportunities.

Not all of them will be perfect rectangles – but may have uneven edges.

Then I also  want to do  all my projects this year with facings. That will be facings on the outer edges as well as facings on any openings or holes in the middle of the quilt as well.  A lot of my ideas and sketches have circles, arcs, curves and they well may be faced and almost a separate part on top of the base quilt. I’ve started last night , piecing a project  inspired by the work of Sue Benner.

I’m starting in the left over strings – but actually broke out new yardage to compliment the other neutrals, dots, and swirls

( yahoo!)

The Facings part of the project might turn into a class for the guild in the fall. There is a excellent tutorial on Susan Brubaker Knapp’s blog as well as an excellent article on 3 methods in a recent issue of Machine Quilting Unlimited. These 4 methods coupled with a lesson on facing circles and little elements to place on top of a quilt – well – that should turn into a good Sat workshop.

Off to the studio to play in the scraps!


strings, strings, strings Jan 23rd class

January 19, 2010

I have just started exploring the possibilities of Fan shapes.

four rectangles make pretty diamonds

I hope all of you taking the class learn as much as I have over the last 6 months about all the variations in String Quilts.

I will include several websites here that have been particularly helpful in my research about String Quilts. They are worth sitting with a cuppa tea and browseing.( See Side Bar for String Quilts page)

Also check Dec 28th post for the earlier pics.

New Year’s resolutions continued

January 3, 2010

This quilt was created in 1984-85 when I was teaching Log Cabin variations. The hexagon shape was a challenge because I decided to attempt to bind the uneven edge instead of squareing it off. The label says that I finished it for Brian’s 1st birthday.

There are a lot of polyesters in the mix – particularly the bright yellow centers that were all distorted after lots of washings.

I had tied it with yarn in the centers of each block and quilted in a zig zag fashion across the whole top ( in the ditch).

I pulled this along with 2 others from my pile and decided to radically change things…….. so I took out the yarn, meandered around in a sloppy machine quilting style, and hacked off the edges to make it square and bound it with new navy blue.

Now 25 years later this will be going to Brian’s new baby for a floor quilt and I will have one more thing passed on to have someone enjoy .