First of the new series

As you see from the previous post- I am working on a skinny series.

This one is a row of 3 ninepatches, inspired by  a few pieces that i saw on Sue Benner’s website. I am going to face this with red, and do some “big stitch” or Kantha stitching . I will stitch it with a minamalist style.

Below is a detail:

first skinny inspired by Sue Benner

Janis asked what is a Kantha stitch? some modern versions of this would be seen at Pamela Allen’s website. She is using more hand work in her recent Women in History series and you can see the running stitches especially in “Woman waiting II”

There is also a lovely example of Kantha or running stitch on the Embroider’s guild contest page

Hope that helps.



3 Responses to “First of the new series”

  1. Janis Says:

    Nice work Nina! I like it. Never heard the term Kantha stitching before though. I take it to mean minimalist stitching….correct?

  2. Timberlane Quilters' Guild Says:

    Hi Janis, Kantha stitch is a middle eastern term for a running stitch. I’ll go and see if I can find some good links to add to the post. Pamela Allen is using it in her Women in History series a lot and Laura Wasilowski has some for contrast on some fused pieces.
    You can use a thread that is quite thick like a sashiko weight. Of course when i went to look last night …… looks like I’ll have to go shopping 🙂

  3. albedoarlee Says:

    I have an article on MrXStitch’s site about Kantha, if you’d like more info on the history as well.

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