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new gabriel pics May 28th

May 28, 2010

gabriel and mom

brian and Gabriel

These were taken on our last trip through the city. He is 6 weeks old.


If you’re a gardener………

May 26, 2010

Then you know why I’ve been absent for a wee while.¬†And despite the misty skies, I’ve been very busy for weeks in the yard. I thought I was nearing the end of my long list, but dear husband has brought home a trailer full of top soil that waits for me in the morning.

I am working on my guild’s challenge this week, but I’ve made it a “skinny” and plan to finish it with a different faceing method so I have experimented with all of the examples.

We were given a CIL paint chip card, and my colours ranged from a terra cotta to a very light peach. We were instructed to make something with these colours but to add anything that complemented our paint chips. I of course took that to mean that we could add any other colour on the color wheel and I’ve chosen a few sandy beiges and a few foresty greens. Of course I had all those in my drawers and did not have to look far for a selection of fabrics to work with.

I’m working with circles and curves, added a few circle and polkadot prints to the batiks and plan to incorporate some circles in the machine quilting.

Can’t let you see it until the unveiling at the guild’s end of year party.

But I will take some time and add some cute baby pics that we got last week on a short visit.