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june deadlines

June 7, 2010

Nice drizzle from the skies today which lets me work on this skinny piece guilt free. I like the effect of the 3 strand of embroidery floss for the quilting thread and do not mind the Japanese / boro type naive/folk  stitching . I can’t decide if it goes this way up or the other.

I took pics and flipped them both ways and the orientation feels comfortable both ways. My personal deadline is to get this finished for the end of the year party. The design was inspired by the work of Tommy Fitzsimmons.

next skinny in the series

Guess who the fool was to volunteer her home and garden for 30-40 people to enjoy potluck,evening glass of wine and hopefully be as bug free as possible. Yup!


another use for Machingers

June 1, 2010

So all of you machine quilters know all about the gloves called Machingers. They are lightweight, not hot, thin enough for good tactile sense with your fingertips and has just the right amount of grip to help move the quilt sandwich under the machine needle.

Well I have gone back to some hand quilting for this series of skinnies. I’m useing a biggish embroidery needle with a decent size eye and 3 strands of hand dyed floss. I am doing a running stitch or Kantha stitch and some of this fabric is tightly woven batik (meaning tough and dense)

My fingers have been very sore trying to push the needle through the fabric layers and also to pull up the needle. I do have a small piece of rubber to grip the needle , but you must continually find it, pick it up and then put it down – hopefully in a place with your scissors where it won’t get knocked onto the floor or lost in the folds of the quilt.

I grabbed one of the machinger gloves and find it has enough padding so my fingers are cushioned while weaving the needle in and out for 3 big continuous stitches on the needle,and i get a good grip on the needle when I want to pull it through. It’s made the last hour of stitching quite pleasant. So instead of a latex glove from the dental office, the machingers are cool and my hand doesn’t sweat.