Sunny Days are here again- The Skies ………….

Well , you know how the song goes. I went to the Patricia today and tackled another path. Did not have any war wounds as I did not prune any roses or go near the Yucca this time.

Just for your information. The best Chocolate chip cookies in town are available at the Thurs matinees. I know because I did quality control on 2 as soon as they came out of the oven. Ann adds twice the nuts and chips AND uses real butter instead of margarine.Yum!

Look at the total on the fundometer. We’re nearly at $40,000. Watch for a great concert on the 29th of April.

Gabe is now 2 years old. This is one of the few photos that turned out on Monday- he is a blur in all the others.

This afternoon, I got back to the compost area. I worked for 2 hours and got this pile

out of this area

and now this pile needs the top raked off into the new empty space and the bottom added to the pile in the first photo.

Then I have to put these 2 piles back into that area – nothing like moving things twice, is there?

Then I’ll get out the mulcher grinder and reduce this pile into chips.

And do you think that I may have harvestable rhubarb in a week or two?


2 Responses to “Sunny Days are here again- The Skies ………….”

  1. Susan Says:

    Nina! Isn’t today the 4th of April? Or did you get so much done that you used up some of tomorrow too?

    Mrs. K

  2. TQG Nina Says:

    I think I have to go and find out how to change my settings. The word press website must have a default at the International Date Line?? Ha Ha. Guess anything I write after a certain time of day is automatically timed for the next. But yes, I still have 3 days of nice weather according to the weather man-Thurs, Friday and SAt- so should get lots of outdoor time.

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