serenity is nice sometimes……….

We had a wee leak in the basement wall this past winter. The wet spot happened to be on one wall of my studio and it was discovered because of squelchy carpet. Moving a whole wall of drawers and bookcases was not fun, but I did that before I went upstairs and told the hubby.

I informed him  that the good news was that I took care of the water and the furniture moving , the bad news was that he had to rip out a wall and find this problem. It finally got fixed this week and I moved all the “stuff” back into place. I decided to clean , declutter and rearrange a bit. I took these pics to show some online friends.

Here’s the damaged wall all repaired.I’m working on weeding out some magazines in the middle, but the books on the right have already been thinned for the guild book sale last fall.

One can never have too much fabric for inspiration, can one? The goal is to trim this all down to only fit in the drawers and not overflow into plastic bins-yeah right! Don’t laugh………………

These small bins under the table are scraps- but I don’t feel inclined to get rid of them – there’s always a search for just the right wee piece so I don’t have to cut into yardage.

I put away all the projects that were class samples, and quilt tops or quilt sandwiches and left out 2 piles of things I’d like to tackle. The first pile on top of that table is half finished class samples from a string piecing class and some orphan blocks. I want to get them completed by Sept.

Then this pic below shows the large number of boxes and ziplock baggies full of strings, 2 and 2.5 inch strips, precut bricks, squares,logs etc that has developed from the scrap organizer class that I taught last fall. These definately have to be used up by Sept as I want empty floor space. New gift and/or community quilt tops will be the result.

It’s nice to have elbow room on both of the sewing  and cutting tables and I cleaned up my mess tonight RIGHT AFTER I completed an art card challenge for the fiberspeak meeting.


One Response to “serenity is nice sometimes……….”

  1. dabbotts Says:

    WOW great job – so organized and functional! And its a great idea to have the bookshelves off the floor.

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