OK – just call it a creative mess

The demo evening at the guild went well . Shawn gave valuble information on adjusting the tension and other points like stitch length on your machine.Shirley had several methods of making flying geese, plus a new style that may become my favorite. I took the group thru points to remember for improving yourbinding success and particularly the  mitered corners on your bindings.

So I came home and put my samples away and thought……..what am I going to do with the rest of the summer with this tidy , reorganized studio? Well, I guess we could make a creative mess and see what’s in some of these boxes and bins.

The first item that popped out was a string pieced sample from my class assortment. It’s a little small at 32.5 inches, so I’ve worked the last 4 days to make 50 more blocks.Here’s what I had made about 2 years ago.

So I dug around and found  4 assorted bins of blue scraps here here…….. and here……..

Here are the 50 blocks that I completed

I’m going on to some green blocks next. If I can make 10 blocks per day until the Sept guild meeting, then I hope that I will have used up a great deal of these scraps.


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