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Perfect quilting weather.

June 29, 2012

It’s a bit dreary, and I’ve used up my quota of gardening hours today. The muscles complain if I load too many wheelbarrows.

This photo below is the results of the Cookie Tin exchange at the guild this past year. There were 6 in my group, and the container was passed around to each person at the monthly business meeting. I had included 5 fat quarters for inspiration and the star block on the upper right. I added 3 more blocks from the left over fabrics. I’m quite happy with the cheeriness. Thanks to all my fellow guild members who contributed.

These  96 string pieced units are complete- all in autumn colours. I have to decide what colour to add for the setting triangles. I think butterscotch may be too brassy and glaring, but black may be too drab. I’ll test a few on the design wall and get some friend’s opinions.

Closeup of the autumn string rectangles (below). This is before they are trimmed to remove the corners and add the setting triangles.

Now that I’ve completed that piecing, I’ve cleaned up and organized in anticipation of a new idea.


 Can this be?

 Are there even more containers of scraps than when I started?

I’m 6 weeks into this challenge that I’ve posed for myself. 2 months left to go and we will see how much is left of the scraps by the first guild fall meeting on Sept 6th.

I think I will cut some braid pieces for Friendship Braid. I’m useing Debbie Caffrey’s method and I think the instructions are in her book ” A Can of Worms”.


Cool and gray-easy gardening weather.

June 5, 2012

This(below) was my main May project and now I have a nice stack of blocks ready to sew together with a pile of peach triangles that will be cut from these odds and ends in the second picture.

This(below) is what the results will be- a great Bonnie Hunter project that can be found on her website under the “string primer” or the String-X in the free patterns. I’ve done one quilt with mint green setting triangles and one with pale blues that were just lap size. This one with peaches should be a good twin size.

I’ve now started on string blocks that are fall/autumn tones of greens/browns and barn reds. Should have enough for at least a twin size as I keep finding little caches of strings and logs that fit the theme. But they are turning out a little drab- so their setting triangles may have to be something bright like scrappy reds. We’ll see when I have more up on the design wall. I’ll post some pictures soon.