Cool and gray-easy gardening weather.

This(below) was my main May project and now I have a nice stack of blocks ready to sew together with a pile of peach triangles that will be cut from these odds and ends in the second picture.

This(below) is what the results will be- a great Bonnie Hunter project that can be found on her website under the “string primer” or the String-X in the free patterns. I’ve done one quilt with mint green setting triangles and one with pale blues that were just lap size. This one with peaches should be a good twin size.

I’ve now started on string blocks that are fall/autumn tones of greens/browns and barn reds. Should have enough for at least a twin size as I keep finding little caches of strings and logs that fit the theme. But they are turning out a little drab- so their setting triangles may have to be something bright like scrappy reds. We’ll see when I have more up on the design wall. I’ll post some pictures soon.



One Response to “Cool and gray-easy gardening weather.”

  1. Jackie W Says:

    Thank you Nina!!! Love that you are promoting CQA in your guild=) Welcome and please keep in touch.

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