Self Made Pre-Cuts stacking up

I don’t know if I’m bragging  here, but I’ve never bought a pack of jelly rolls or charm squares in my life. I’ve admired the pretty colors, the over coordination of a particular line of fabric and hated the pinked edges.

I make my own pre-cuts and have amassed boxes and boxes of them. I’m a Bonnie Hunter fan and like her scrappy style. I’ve come to like a large number of Kim Brackett’s designs too – but you don’t need to go and buy overpriced pre-cuts.

I’m also justifying these home made pre-cuts as a first step in conquering the scraps- so they are stacked in a different studio  place and no longer qualify for the dreaded scrap category.

I’m reorganizing  and studying the scrap pile and seeing what I can get done with the one week remaining in this self-challenge. That and the fact that best friend Becky will be in Powell River this week-end and I want her to be able to at least find a chair so we can chat.

So let me just stand up and declare that the boxes of charm squares, bricks, braids, 2.5 inch strips with the pattern book are NO LONGER SCRAPS!!! They are fall projects ready to rumble!


One Response to “Self Made Pre-Cuts stacking up”

  1. arlee Says:

    i should do this with mine–and then donate the quilts to a local worthy cause!!!

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