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September progress

September 28, 2012

Well, the weather has been unbelievable, and the yard is looking great. The sewing projects have been a little neglected.

I had sent these blocks to the states last month for a friend’s comfort quilt that is being assembled. We all met online and continue to be friends over 10 years.

This group of 3 items was completed for our living room. The longer table runner will protect the coffee table from rough pottery scratches and the 2 squares will protect the end tables from the metal lamp bases. All of these came out of bits and pieces that had been left from the last 2 raffle quilts I had a hand in completeing.

This brown and green string quilt is 1/4 made up of the class sample I showed you last month and 3/4’s made up of the new blocks I completed. I used some very fine lawn weight cotton , given to me by Shirley for the foundations. I made the blocks behave with brute force and lots of steam,but they still had a bit of wonkiness to their squareness. I am not planning to add a border- busy enough without adding too much more.

I have started on a new October project of ninepatch blocks with a new setting that I found online. Unfortunately, I do not like how the strip sets are going together with lots of re-pressing of seams to get them to lay in a different direction. So I think that I will be constructing this differently from my usual methods. But this will take care of plenty of the 2.5″ strips .


Labour Day Week-end*** all work and no play

September 6, 2012

The weather is just too nice to spend it indoors at a sewing machine. But I did get lots of yard work completed. Now it’s time to sit and cool off with a tall glass of lemonade. I need to find all my photos of summer projects to share with you.

First off, I started this challenge of strings and scrap reduction on April 15th. My goal was to just make string blocks and stockpile them for several different community projects. But I also made 2 wonky log cabin projects and cut lots of precuts for future projects. I have a number of patterns in mind for the winter including a scrappy pineapple quilt (Bonnie Hunter), more bricks and stepping stones designs(also Bonnie’s influence), and several more zig zag quilts inspired by Wanda Hanson.

I have gone from 22 assorted scrap bins to just 8 bins and most of the remainder in those bins  are crumbs, only suitable for mile a minute style mini blocks.

Last night I did find enough in the remainder of the red strings to do another 12 blocks without cutting any new red strips. I have quite a large bin to take to the guild meeting show and tell on Thurs night.

I started with my Christmas bin and made this wonky log cabin that awaits the best decision on a border.

Then I made these red and green string blocks that await inspiration for use as table runners or as a border on a larger medallion quilt.

Then I grabbed a bin of class samples . I had taught the string piecing workshop over a year ago and this blue one came to the surface. Too small for a lap quilt – so what do ya know…. there’s 3-4 bins of blues- not surprising, so picutre #1 is the resulting new blocks and Pic #2 is the original class sample.

Then I grabbed the reds and the greens for 2 separate weeks.

and there is another 12 blocks added to the original 25 as of last night.

 Then I remembered Bonnie Hunter’s design here:

I’ve made 2 of the String-X patterns and loved how they used up lots of little short strings. So now I have 2 sets of rectangular blocks ready for trimming and setting with triangles

Sometime on the middle of the heat and to escape the heat of the garden in the mid afternoon, I started on the pink and green bins . Sorry that this is the best photo because there is much more colour that this seems to indicate.

 I decided to tackle the purples and teals next, but see that there was pinks and greens sneaking into this one too. It just seems more zingy  and I was happier with this second batch.

Along about that time I was getting somewhat bored with strings so decided that a wonky log cabin may go faster with bigger pieces of fabric, but I did not include the time it takes to compose and move the blocks around to please the eye and then make filler blocks for the odd shaped gaps.


I next pulled this class sample , knowing that it was much too small for a lap quilt, but wondering if I would still have the same colour tones to make blocks that remotely matched the colour scheme. Below are the 2 piles of strings and scraps that I was able to work with. and the photo of the blocks on the design wall combined with  the class sample and the new blocks. Bet you won’t be able to tell which is which when they’re jumbled and arranged.



My last project for the month of August was to pull one of my fav string samples.


And since there were still large bins of beige, green and browns, even after having done Bonnie’s 96 rectangles in autumn tones, I decided to expand this from 16 blocks to  64 blocks. Here below is the group of  24 blocks that have been made oversized, and will now be sliced diagonally across the strings to make half of the block.  The next batch will have to wait until I find my black and gold batiks to make the wide dark string thru the middle.

Or I could go and do some more shopping?