Finally ! a border to finish.

Last year when Shirley and I did the presentation on scrap organization, most of the audience got quite excited about taming their scrap bins.

Some were still overwhelmed by the enormous job ahead of them. Kathy O. brought a different drawer each week to Tues Bee and I offered to help sort. Lots of her friends dived in too and found bits and pieces that went with their projects. I found lots of creams that I was short on for a log cabin project. I cut 2.5 inch strips and had enough to completed these blocks in the photo below.

All of the blocks and the first border of blue came out of Kathy and my scrap bins. The only purchased fabric was the colonial red stripped outer border, and I finally found what I was looking for at Fabricland(Courtney) last week. It’s been many years since I mitered a traditional border, but I took it slow and all 4 corners came out great. The piecing to match up the strip in the middle of each border was another matter- but the joints don’t stand out a mile.

Now to find a perfect quilt design and a person to gift .



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