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Archival Diving-Found the Brown Bag Challenge

November 20, 2012
I am doing an early purge way before New year’s and I am going thru some papers. Decide to try and cram some of these into the file drawer instead of the cardboard box under the sewing table , but first need to glean the file drawer.
What do I find ??…. not only an article by Sharyn Craig on Triangulation , but a Triangulation Revisted article- unfortunately both are undated, just issues #17 &  30 of Traditional Quiltworks.AND there attached as well are my class handouts – also not dated!
A lesson to be learned is never throw anything out AND always document the class, where it was taught and the date.
But now do not have to reinvent the wheel if we ever want to do this class again.
Shirley and I were reminiscing, and brainstorming over the “rules” of this Brown Bag Challenge. Everyone brought a pile of squares, sliced them diagonally in half and share 1/2 in a community brown bag of lights and darks. Then you picked an equal number out of the light bag and the dark bag, intermingled them with the 1/2 square triangles that you kept and proceeded to make one large 1/2 Square (bias ) block and 5 smaller ones. Then you designed your own blocks and constructed some rather nice scrap quilts.
Neither of us could remember the size of the squares to bring or the exact formula of making the smaller units out of the left over strip. Now we’ve got the info!!
By golly, and I think I still have at least 3 of the class samples that I made for that class. Should get those out again and take some photos.
Date wise I know it was while we were still over at the Fine Arts building – so that is at least 15 years ago- way before computer notes and saved files.

Zero Waste Audit

November 1, 2012

So I signed up to be part of the study in zero waste for Powell River. I already compost , and we recycle all paper, plastic,styrofoam,glass,metal. The cardboard goes down in the garden as mulch. Now this is quilty related, because anything that I can’t repurpose,reuse or recycle is going to the dump AFTER I weigh it and report what I was not able to recycle. I have always felt sad about all the little bits of fuzz and fiber that I toss out each month from blocking and trimming quilt blocks. Well for the next 2 months , i am gathering this and then weighing it to see what i am throwing away. I’ll let you know what happens.