Zero Waste Audit

So I signed up to be part of the study in zero waste for Powell River. I already compost , and we recycle all paper, plastic,styrofoam,glass,metal. The cardboard goes down in the garden as mulch. Now this is quilty related, because anything that I can’t repurpose,reuse or recycle is going to the dump AFTER I weigh it and report what I was not able to recycle. I have always felt sad about all the little bits of fuzz and fiber that I toss out each month from blocking and trimming quilt blocks. Well for the next 2 months , i am gathering this and then weighing it to see what i am throwing away. I’ll let you know what happens.



One Response to “Zero Waste Audit”

  1. Valerie Says:

    I know exactly how you feel! That has haunted me for years 🙂 Can’t wait to hear what your final tally is.

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