I love pre-cuts

Well I love my own precuts that I’ve created myself. I’ve got shoe boxes of all shapes and width of strips, so when a block was demo’ed at the guild last month, I had all the parts and pieces to try a few blocks. The few blocks grew to 36 scrappy blocks and I have a community quilt top ready for our 2 day workbee in May.

You just need: a 6.5 inch square, 4 rectangles or bricks cut at 3.5X6.5, and 4 squares cut at 3.5 inches. As usual I have lots of strong medium to dark values, but had to look around and find small pieces in the drawers to cut up into the lights required.

The block was here at quilter’s cache:


and here is my version:


I will be adding a red border of calico that was gifted to me from a estate clear-out. I do love to use these orphan fabrics that need a good home.


One Response to “I love pre-cuts”

  1. Valerie Says:

    I love it! Great scrappy quilt and so easy…a good one to work with the grandsons on. Thanks for sharing….Val

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