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How many days until the quilt show??

March 7, 2013

Note to self……. remember cash for guild boutique, vendors and lunch. Find the most comfortable shoes. Opps, forgot that I promised to make a poster for the guild challenge. Guess I better rearrange plans for tomorrow.

I am happy with the latest scrap project. I had started these 4.5 inch building units from my scraps, but had stopped until I was able to find the small prints on white. It is very hard to find white vs offwhite/cream backgrounds, and it’s hard to find the small prints. I did not want endless polkadots, and I used every scrap in my bins down to the last 3 inch square. if you are looking for similar prints, try to search for 30’s reproductions, civil war repros and victorian shirtings.

This building unit goes by many names. I’ve found it as Birds in Air , and Mary’s Triangles as well as 2-3 other names. What ever it’s called, it certainly can be set in a large number of arrangements.














After a few evenings of rearranging my collection of units, I’ve decided on the last settingĀ  of zigzags and find that I’ve got about 2/3’s of the number for a decent lap quilt size.