Making Lists and chargeing camera batteries

Having  just been to Vernon for the provincial Arts Council conference where I ran out of battery juice at a bad moment…….I am making sure that I have top battery power for the trip to Penticton.

Barb and I head out on our road trip on Wednesday, hoping to be able to attend the awards ceremonies for the National Juried Show on Wed eve. We’re curious to find which award has included the guild’s donation. We hope to see the winner of the award and perhaps take her picture, and find out more about her for the guild’s blog and website.

I hear that a number of guild members are taking the road trip as well, so there will be lots of comparing notes on the fav quilt, newest technique or the best bargain at the vendors.

I too will hit the vendors as I’d like one of those new bendable lamps for the sewing machine.

I am in a 2 day class with Margie Davidson. There will be block printing and hand embroidery in the Indian style which has interested Margie and prompted a trip to the East. This has become my favorite type of class-relaxed-short supply list-historical-cultural and slides and videos to illustrate design ideas. Everything I need will fit in a ziplock baggie. This is so much better than a ton of stuff hauled along and never used in other typical classes that I’ve taken over the years.

Denise has been kind enough to send me links that I plan to share later on indian designs, particularly the henna designs that are gorgeous and swirly.



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