Summer plans- subject to change

Two trips out of town in May really made a hash of the plans to be more deligent about posting to the blog. And already, there are new plans for new arts council events that require some change of plans.

I very much enjoyed the CQA conference in Penticton. My class with Margie Davidson was exactly what I had expected and just the right class for me . Now I have to start taking apart some clothing, repurposing, block printing and experimenting with some more hand work. I had enjoyed working on 3 pieces a few years ago which included Kantha Stitch, and now it’s time to get back to that series.

I continue to plug away at the pre-cut strips and decided to tackle one of Bonnie Hunter’s patterns again . I’ve admired her student’s samples of the Scrappy Trip Around The World.

I’ve noticed a lot of different quilt magazines on the newstand have published a rendition of this in the last few months and there have been a lot of blogs by the “Modern Quilt Guild” movement posting their versions and some tutorials. BUT Bonnie’s version has been online at her website for years and years, so she is the originator of this scrappy look as far as I can see.

This is not making much of a dent in my bin of 2.5 inch strips.You only need 6  16 inch strips for each 12 inch block Each block goes together very nicely, but there is going to be some pressing(or rather re-pressing) to be done when the blocks are placed side by side.


I also like Bonnie’s method of constructing the traditional Delectable Mountains with speedy strip piecing, and here I had absolutely no problem with construction.



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