mid year resolutions

I don’t think of new year’s as a good time to make resolutions, but I do find the end of the quilt guild year is a good time to look ahead and make a list of what is ahead for the rest of the year.

I had decided quite a while ago to complete 2 quilt tops from Bonnie Hunter’s Quiltville website. She has great tutorials and lots of free patterns for scraps.

I have just completed  a 36 block quilt top in the Scrappy Trips Around The World pattern and of course have barely touched the 2.5 inch strip bin


And in the last post , you can see a photo  of  Delectable Mountains in oranges and mint greens. I liked that pattern so much that I have a stack of fabrics ready to do it again with the featured fabrics in fruits and vegies.

Also on my list are 2 quilt tops in 1900’s repro fabrics , and appropriate historical block designs to be placed on the beds at Henderson House. These 2 are ones that I would like to hand quilt. The fabrics are picked out of the stash and I’m pretty sure of the designs I’ll try, but they will be on the end of the list. I just ordered 2 books on dateing vintage fabrics, so we’ll see how close to authentic my fabrics are and see if i have to order some repro fabrics to supplement.

The list priorities changed when I was asked to help a beginner sewer and guide her to do a quilt for her mom for christmas.I’ve got 2 easy patterns picked out and a selection of fabrics that may work well.

There is also a fundraiser for a friend so she may head to Mexico for some MS therapy. I plan to complete some table toppers for the silent auction. The tops are mostly complete, and just need sandwiching.

Then I have a birthday quilt to complete by November. But I found the “perfect” fabrics and the “perfect” pattern so I am eager to get this started right away. This is a special birthday,and we might be short of time so my friend Shawn will be quilting it. I’ve already reserved some time in late Oct for her to work her magic.

There’s a presentation to the guild on October. They’ve been successful with the short demos about 20 minutes long , with the members rotating from table to table. I am talking on WHY you need a perfect 1/4 inch seam, HOW to press successfully and HOW to square up a block. That will require preparation of a handout and some demo blocks which can be fit in between all the other stuff as a leaders and enders project.


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