What day is it again??

I have been taking a break from quilting since my last post for a couple of reasons.
one- the garden needed so much attention that I have been out there almost every day.

And two….. I have been doing a lot of research for a second blog that I have been working on. I decided that on July26th, I would start a list of historical facts relating the movie industry and the Patricia Theatre for the 100th birthday of the Patricia. I have been doing a fact per day and will end the 100 bits of trivia on November 1st right on the birthday week-end when we celebrate with cake, concerts, special performances and several classic movies. One will be Casablanca and the other is my all time favorite “Singing In The Rain”
If you want to read what I’ve been up to check here. I am on Day 88 now.

But also there is a third reason to neglect the quilting and that is that I’ve been struggling along making a 50’s bobby soxer outfit as well as a 20’s flapper evening dress. Now that the Art Crawl is over, I can devote the next 2 weeks to getting these done for the birthday week-end.
I’ll be back soon to update the blog as I have my special November birthday gift to reveal and I have photos of the Fiberspeak group and their display at Henderson House for the Art Crawl week-end.


One Response to “What day is it again??”

  1. Dawn Says:

    Thank you so much for taking the time to hunt this down. Will try to find someone to show me the strip piecing technique. Have a wonderful holiday.

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