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Guild show and tell

December 27, 2013

Our guild will be discussing several easy scrap designs in January. Alice and I were pondering what would make a good scrappy community quilt with a new spin. We both think that the “SLAB” quilts made by the zillions for the Calgary and High River Flood victims would make a good project.

I certainly have enough scraps , but lacked the largest size of plexi ruler for squaring up 15 1/2 inch blocks. So treated myself to a online order that should be here any day. In the meantime I can continue building slabs.

I started on the aqua scraps, proceeded to the yellow bin and then the peach bin. I have enough for the aqua and yellow blocks to make the lap top size pictured below.

The originator of this idea is Cheryl Arkison, who wrote recently published Sunday Morning Quilts. She is a Calgary quilter who thought she would ask Alberta quilters to make these slabs from their scrap bins. She hoped that she might get enough blocks to put together a few dozen quilts and ask her local friends to quilt them and give them to flooded families. Well, she got a whole lot more than anyone could ever expect!! There’s an explanation and lots of quilts to view in a couple of photo galleries and blog posts HERE and HERE.
I seem to be having trouble with these links- so until I fix the glitch – please do a search for Slab quilts or Calgary flood quilts and you should find lots on Google.

I have just one bit of advice and that is the smaller your scrap, the more seams and more thread, more squaring up and more fussing to end up with 15 inch block. I should have larger pieces of scrap for the next colors.


Where did the year go?

December 12, 2013

It is hard to believe that this month is almost half over and we will be struggling to remember how to write 2014. I will now be able to get back to updating this blog. We had a very successful 100th Birthday bash for the Patricia Theatre, and were so pleased with some rather nice publicity worldwide from Andy Clark’s photo coverage of the week-end with his blog and photos for Reuters that have been sent around the world to many newspapers and websites.
I can also brag and say that I was really pleased with the 100 posts that I was able to do for the 100th birthday history. It took me many hours of research , but I learned so much about local history as well as so much about the film industry in general. One fellow I met while giving tours , is interested in doing a video of Ann and the theatre with perhaps some expanded history, so there may be more fun in the coming year.

Now I can get back to showing you all my secrets that I have been sewing.
First, I had the pleasure of collecting some movie themed fabrics, and making a cuddle quilt for Ann and Brian and the cats. I presented it the week-end of the birthday and we had it on display in the lobby for the tours. I found the pattern thanks to Sherry, a fellow guild member, and I can find the website if anyone needs to adapt the idea for a family quilt.
This is the front with the film strip theme.

This is the pieced back with silent film themed fabric, paired with a fabric that really cracks me up. It depicts cats sitting in red plush movie seats, some eating popcorn , but all with horrified faces , obviously watching sci-fi, horror or a mystery.