Where did the year go?

It is hard to believe that this month is almost half over and we will be struggling to remember how to write 2014. I will now be able to get back to updating this blog. We had a very successful 100th Birthday bash for the Patricia Theatre, and were so pleased with some rather nice publicity worldwide from Andy Clark’s photo coverage of the week-end with his blog and photos for Reuters that have been sent around the world to many newspapers and websites.
I can also brag and say that I was really pleased with the 100 posts that I was able to do for the 100th birthday history. It took me many hours of research , but I learned so much about local history as well as so much about the film industry in general. One fellow I met while giving tours , is interested in doing a video of Ann and the theatre with perhaps some expanded history, so there may be more fun in the coming year.

Now I can get back to showing you all my secrets that I have been sewing.
First, I had the pleasure of collecting some movie themed fabrics, and making a cuddle quilt for Ann and Brian and the cats. I presented it the week-end of the birthday and we had it on display in the lobby for the tours. I found the pattern thanks to Sherry, a fellow guild member, and I can find the website if anyone needs to adapt the idea for a family quilt.
This is the front with the film strip theme.

This is the pieced back with silent film themed fabric, paired with a fabric that really cracks me up. It depicts cats sitting in red plush movie seats, some eating popcorn , but all with horrified faces , obviously watching sci-fi, horror or a mystery.


7 Responses to “Where did the year go?”

  1. Dawn Says:

    I love the movie theme quilt you did…it’s beautiful. I’m new to quilting and would love to know the pattern you used and if you think someone who has only made 8 quilts could do this pattern.

  2. TQG Nina Says:

    Hi Dawn, this is a very doable pattern for a beginner. The film strip of black and white needs exact 1/4 inch seams and a wee bit of math to work out right but the rest is just large squares of theme fabric. Look online and seach for movie themes like westerns, comedy, animation,chick flicks etc. Go to Equilter for lots of themed fabrics and also seach ebay or fabric searches from private quilters. I will try to find the exact measurements.

  3. TQG Nina Says:

    If this is a gift , of course you could search for one particular theme for a photographer or film buff.

  4. Dawn Says:

    Thank you. So the black and white is a fabric? Love this pattern! I have some fabric this pattern would look great with! Thanks again for your website and your work is beautiful!

  5. TQG Nina Says:

    The black and white is all seamed – not a purchased fabric – although you could eliminate a step if you could find wide enough striped fabric. It’s a strip of black , strip of white & repeat 2 more times and end with a black strip. Press all seams to the black, slice into segments and add a black strip on both sides. Still have not found the picture online. It was a fabric company’s free tutorial and now I can’t find it. Will search the stacks of stuff on the cutting table downstairs. I remember that I just used the inspiration and not their instructions as their measurements were off, so I did my own math. I’ll continue searching. If they no longer print this – then I can mail you a copy.

  6. TQG Nina Says:

    Dawn , here are the instructions. Print them out and then find someone at a local quilt shop or a local guild to teach you how to do strip piecing instead of cutting all those little squares for the film strip portion.

    Finally tracked it down and found that it was a magazine instead of a fabric co. You’ll notice that I did not follow their instructions and instead made the strips of black and white instead of the feature fabrics. Would love to see yours when you’re done. The theatre that I made this quilt for is now 101 years old this month.

  7. TQG Nina Says:

    just reread the cutting instructions. your seams must be very accurate as the “finished” width of the black strips have to be 1 and 1/8th wide. The back strips are cut 1 5/8ths while the white is cut 2 inches. Now I remember my own advice(grin)

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