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Welcoming the new year

January 1, 2012

Yes, I have been absent for some time. That will change in 2012 as I finish up a bunch of commitments and get back to my own work.

I’ve been busy with my home guild as we are celebrating 25 years and I felt that my last year of guild politics should finish with a bang. I was the guild’s first  president, past president, secretary, program chairman numerous times, same with multiple years as newsletter editor,librarian, raffle committee and teaching. I felt that I would put a lot of effort into this last year and make sure that there was lots of effort put into workshops and other program activities.

There’s been a lot of time and energy from many guild members ,spent on the transition to our new location. Now I can look ahead to finishing the annual guild challenge, putting together my cookie tin exchange quilt in March  and finishing up several community quilts.

Then I am going to get back to my skinny series as the idea jar is overflowing. I’d like to have several new pieces ready for the Arts Alive in the Park ( august) and then of course along comes the next quilt show.

I know that there will be an emptiness with no commitments to the guild, but I am hoping that I can fill the void with more arts council activities.

I’m going to add a few photos for Leslie , who asked me to show the 2 blocks we discussed. In the cookie tin exchange, ( one a month rotating through our group) there was one tin that asked for black and white blocks. The beginning block was of a tangram figure. I wanted to try some more difficult blocks as the recipient really likes a challenge, so I chose 2 blocks that have been favs of mine for years.

The bottom 2 pieced blocks are mine. Left side is a unnamed block from the 90’s and I had lost the  instructions, so proceeded to dust off the brain cells and do some drafting. The right block is called Tap Dance and is found in quite a few of the Quilter’s Newsletter special magazines over the years.

There was no theme to this particular tin. We were simply asked to make something in back and white

left block was used in a quilt from the 90's, and I no longer have the source or a pattern. Therefore spent some frustrating time with the old drafting tools.


Good bedtime reading…….

October 2, 2009

I popped into Saveon foods for a few items after work and walked down the magazine aisle, where Suzanne was just setting out the newest shipment. She stopped me and dug all the way to the bottom of the box just so I could have the first copy of Quilting Arts mag. She’s a sweety.

As usual there’s too many different techniques and you’ll want to do them all, but I have admired Ann Lullie’s mosaics for many years and might try that technique now that I read the article.

A quick flip through shows me that there are at least 8 ideas that I would like to explore. This is certainly refreshing after I was so very disappointed in the latest issue of QNM this month.

There is a excerpt from Lyric Kinkaid’s new book. “Art+Quilt:Design Principles and Creativity Exercises ” that has just been published. Now there have been a number of books published in the last few years that have all claimed to be design books for quilters. I have been truly disappointed by all of them , as they might only cover 2-3 principles when I want the whole dozen covered with explaination and good as well as poor examples.  I am happy to say that Lyric has possibly finally published the guide book that I have been looking for, as the reviews are favorable. I am going to order it and will report .

poor neglected blog

January 27, 2009

Howdy folks, I’m making a commitment to update this blog on a regular basis.

There may be more website suggestions than a showcase of my own work – but I hope to share with you as i find interesting fiber to share.

Here’s the first:

Cynthia works with some surface design and has a gallery of just tyvek experiments. I am bookmarking her site to study as I like her style and her use of color.

I’d like it if more of the fiberspeak group could view the work and then comment or try an experimental piece based on her work.


This nasty weather also makes me think I could play with Amazon and my credit card , ordering some books before our next meeting.

3D fiber art worth a look

September 8, 2008

and hopefully this could be some sort of exercise or point of discussion for the group…….but I found marybeth to have some fascinating pieces.Her edges are far from the squared  traditional quilting, and I liked what she is doing with dimension. Particularly checkout her gallery here . The photos of Rising water and Second Wave are clickable to enlarge detail . What the heck holds those pieces up??!


September 5, 2008

Last night , I attended our quilting guild’s first meeting of the year. It is exciting for 2 reasons.

First, there will be a fiberarts component to the guild this year , after many years of talking about it – there will at last be a monthly group meeting, beginning next week. Guess I should take along some show and tell. Not a problem with the large number of books that I’ve acquired over the summer*grin*

Second….the guild challenge was presented last night in the usual small brown paper bag. I was thrilled , but those with a less diabolical mind will be scratching their head in puzzlement. Those” play by the rules” folks will not see the fun at all in creating an apron.

Yes, an apron has to be to be constructed and displayed at our upcoming quilt show.

I’ve got so many ideas – but shhhhhhh can’t share here as others in the fiber group will be reading this.

In the bag was a piece of brown checkered gingham, a length of lace and a skein of gold coloured embroidery floss. We must use all of these in some portion on the apron and somewhere there has to be Chicken Scratch embroidery ( X’s and O’s) does this not take you back to childhood?

Come on admit you know what I’m talking about…… didn’t take home ec from the greatest teacher I ever had ?, you didn’t belong to 4-H and still have all your samples of seams,zipper placement and pocket construction?,you didn’t live in a little prairie town of 5oo people and see this sort of embroidery on tea towels and aprons in every home you visited?

What do you mean that you don’t know what an apron is used for? They’re actually coming back in style and it’s the retro thing to wear one. I guess it’s also something to do with the fact that they are easy to construct and the new designer shows are creating a growing number of young people eager to learn to sew (young minds to corrupt to the dark side yes….fading to diabolical chuckles)


Could also have to do with the large number of cooking shows on TV ??

anyway I’m eager to do some research and with all these ideas – dare I make two??