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Quilt tops by the dozen.

October 29, 2012

These first 2 photos show my progress through the strings over 5 months this summer.It felt good to actually put them all out and have a overview.

Then I changed my mind and  I decided to take the rectangle units, chop off the corners and add the setting triangles now instead of just stock piling them in a bin.

For the bright multicoloured rectangles with the peach setting triangles, I decided to divide them in half and make 2 smaller quilts. Made them exactly alike except for borders so that they could go to siblings, but each child would still be able to tell which was which. This is the String-X pattern from Bonnie Hunter. It makes good use of short strings ( 5 inches)

I liked the fall toned rectangles all together- so this will be a large twin size. I do love the golds and bronze setting triangles. I’ve found batting and backing to match the fall tones and I hope to get that sandwiched next tues at the guild.

This owl quilt is for the soon to be grandchild. His/Her mom wanted to do as much of the sewing as she could. This is Meg’s first attempt at piecing patchwork and she did a fine job of  matching seams. I did the cutting and pressing , while Megs did all the sewing on tues evenings. We’re now ready for machine quilting. And the closeup is for a certain someone who wanted to match a gift to the owl print.

As you can imagine, I sometimes have gotten bored with strings all summer. I tried to use up some of the 2 inch “worms” with another Bonnie Hunter pattern called Pineapple Blossoms. First it used up very few of the strips,so there’s lots left!! and second it is much easier to build that a real pineapple block. This is really a log cabin of 2 rounds with diagonal corners cut off with a flying geese wedge. I’m definately going to be making more of these blocks.