string quilts

I am going to  continue to add string quilt examples as I search the internet. Check back to this page for updates.

There are some terrific tutorials, lots of sharing of ideas for community gifts and some excellent art quilt examples using this technique of foundation piecing.

Bonnie Hunter hosts  where she is the queen of scraps. Marvelous website with oodles of information. See her side bar for 5-6 string pieced quilt tutorials. This is where you will find my fav, String-X

Mary Johnson has 2 websites of interest………  where she has numerous string patterns including the lovely String Diamonds pattern. is Mary’s charity quilt project. There are many quilters from Coast to Coast who are making blocks for the Heart String project . Check out the blog ring for lots of samples.

This address below  is for an online challenge , called No Strings Attached, where we will post our progress for the next 6 months. You can read the challenge info and then check all participants in the right side bar. I’m looking forward to the fun.

Here’s another string challenge blog posted by Stacy.

Do you know about Flickr? it is a website where you can post photos, make photo albums and this group of quilters have a group site where they are posting their photos of string projects. It is called String Quilt Love and hosted by Julie F.Be sure to see all 7 plus pages of excellent pictures.

A silly name for a website – but there is Film in the Fridge and she loves quilts, especially fun bright quilts and string quilts too.  and here is her group of photos on Flickr Many of them are string quilts

Have Fun and i will continue to search for fun websites of inspiration.


2 Responses to “string quilts”

  1. Shirley Says:

    Well, my string quilt has been quilted, bound, labelled, and Feb. 13th, it was delivered. Let’s just say that he was very surprised. I had folded it into itself, and he thought that the backing was IT. Was he ever surprised when I flipped it open for him. He was glad that he now had one of his own; because he was always borrowing his wifes’ quilt. Now they each have one. I even wrote right on the label that a lot of thanks went to my fellow quilters who shared their extra strips with me.
    This was a great workshop. Thank you.

  2. nina Says:

    So glad he liked it! I’m still stringing too. Got the background done in string blocks and now working on a tree of strings ( paper foundation) to lay over but it won’t be finished for the college show.

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